Chili-y Nana Nice Cream

Sometimes, despite the fact that the current temperature is a frozen tundra, you just need ice cream! Or when you've found a better way... Nice cream!

Continuing in the chili-chocolate theme...

Chili-y Nana Nice Cream
    1 fresh banana*
½ frozen banana
1 heaping tablespoon cacao powder
a dash of cayenne 
½ cup coconut milk**
¼ cup heavy whipping cream**
    Blend all the ingredients in a Ninja or food processor until smooth.

*Use two frozen bananas if you prefer a more solid nice cream. Using fresh creates more of a melted-soft-serve, smoothie texture. 
**Adjust liquid amounts to your consistency/taste preference.
For a more lavish (yet still healthful) variation- top with cacao nibs and mix in Miss Marzipan's decadent chocolate sauce recipe found here.
Miss Marzipan's chocolate sauce is also magnificent when paired with unsweetened coconut milk for your own refined sugar free chocolate milk! (Shaken, not stirred!) I love to enjoy them in these recycled Starbucks bottles a dear friend gave to me because they remind me of vintage milk glasses! 
Bon Appétit


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