Dis Connected

Tonight, I sit to write, as a way to try and make some sense of a torrent of thoughts and emotions that swirl through me like a roaring hurricane. (Where it ends I do not know, but I hope if someone reads this, that it speaks to you in whatever way you need.)

Fear... The Elephant

With every opportunity it welcomes itself in... the unwanted guest. Fear. 

The Fire

When the fire comes- you can be a chaser... or a carrier...


Prodigal... let that marinate a minute.

What do you think of? Chances are the parable from Luke 15 comes to mind of the wayward son who left his father's house. But as I was praying this morning that perspective took a bit of shift. 

Sweet Banana Pancakes & Tangy Fruit Compote

The weather was beginning to warm up; we had just received a prediction for an early Spring which had me once again dreaming of the outdoors and the adventures I could almost taste. Then true to her nature, Michigan weather threw us a curve ball to remind us that we are still indeed in Winters slumber. I'd love to say it was a gentle gesture but alas it was more like a 14" proper burial in the most glorious and beautiful snow! 

Left Overs & Throw-Aways

My mind and soul have been entertaining a torrent of thoughts and questions lately. Although, in reality this incessant internal conversation, debate and sometimes argument is my lifetime reality. A gift of the over-thinker and analyzer. 

This week I read the question "If life was a glass, would you see the cup half-empty or half-full?"

Chili-y Nana Nice Cream

Sometimes, despite the fact that the current temperature is a frozen tundra, you just need ice cream! Or when you've found a better way... Nice cream!

Who Says You Can't Have Dessert For Breakfast?

Mexican Hot Chocolate Granola

A Sojourner

Life's journey can take us through some pretty muddy places.
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