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Roasted Apple + Lavender Granola Breakfast Recipe

Does anyone else spend hours upon hours of wasted productive time on Instagram or Pinterest just perusing all the incredible food pictures? I love all the inspiration and creation. But since having such resourceful tools at my fingertips I don't create much on my own - just seemingly replicate these days which is why I don't get to blog much about food even though it's one of my passions.

It's always a disappointment when I am searching and find that one recipe that I just HAVE to try ... like right now ... only to realize ingredients on hand are lacking. So on to the next, I keep browsing ... but I always get excited with the challenge of seeing what I can create when groceries are in dire condition. It amazes me when I can push through another week with seemingly nothing in the house. #NoWaste. And I am apparently not the only one! Enter Rebecca Taylor of Budget Nutrition Guide whom I stumbled upon on Instagram. Browsing through her vibrant and energizing account, I came across this image of hers:
Roasted Apple With Granola Oats From Rebecca Taylor; Budget Friendly Nutrition
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