I love being behind the camera ... I love when God speaks ... and I love when He bestows gentle revelations - though they are not, I'm learning, usually immediate. 

The most rewarding photography for me is often when I can take something one would quickly overlook and shed a new light on it. But as far as I am concerned, it's an aesthetic experience. You think your eyes are open when you are capturing ...  until your spiritual eyes are awakened and you're enlightened to something deeper.

Tree Roots In Craggy Mountainside

Why Fruition?

There's been something I've been meaning to explain for a while ...

Fruition John 15:16

The Sojourner Pt. 2

I've been trying to formulate the complete picture of a revelation I began to receive a few months ago for some time- much in the same way I try to overcome my personal battles... in one large panoramic view. I'm beginning to realize that often this is not how it works...

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