Just Peachy-Keen!

It's been a while since my last post... I seem to struggle with the perfect balance of things in my life and this week was pure busyness! Though I often find myself wishing at the end of the day or week that I had done this or that and just didn't seem to have time, I'm thankful for all the opportunities that are coming my way and helping me to grow in this season of my life. At least this crazy week both started and ended on a high note with the perfectly balanced taste of completely improvised PEACH HONEY PANCAKES!!! I'm drooling just as I think of them! Each bite is like an escape to some place relaxing...

Epic Banominess!

Laid back weekend mornings are my favorite- I enjoy being able to sleep in and having the time to make an extra special breakfast. So when this weekend rolled around, I was really looking forward to another round of my delicious lemon lavender blueberry pancakes! It was only a matter of minutes however, until I realized I did not have any more blueberries. To best sum up how I felt in that moment I can only think of one word, as quoted from the famous Lucille Ball.... "Waaaaahhhhh!"

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and as I glanced around my kitchen to think of another option my eyes fell upon some now spotting bananas I had bought earlier in the week for my hubby. Clearly he wasn't eating them... and I had everything I needed to make Banana French Toast. Oh YESSSSSSS!!!!!! 

Be Still

Mouth Explosion Of Awesomeness!

Today was a pretty big and very exhausting day! I was stretched as I once again stepped out of my comfort zone to partner with the Lord in a pretty phenomenal opportunity. But the physical demands left me in a mid-evening coma for 5 hours (a.k.a. a nap!) and so here I find myself, up at 3:00 in the morning doing what I love but wishing it was a reasonable time because I know what this means for tomorrow! 

As I sit here editing photos from Family Life Radio's outstanding attempt to set a new Guinness world record for the most carolers, my stomach began begging for something- and after watching my handsome men eat their treats today... I decided I was going to bake myself cookies to fuel me through hundreds of photos! I should have sensed my addiction was going to side-track me... Oops!

Whenever I want a mouth explosion of awesomeness I make my go to treat... A delicious Buckwheat cookie recipe from I Quit Sugar. Oh my mouth full of goodness! It's funny how different this recipe turns out for me every time I make it based on the temperature or way I heat my butter, the brand of buckwheat flour I use, the amount of rice malt syrup I measure and of course.... the CHOCOLATE!! Sometimes when I am feeling daring, I'll even add extra spices like cinnamon or cardamom.

Real bakers or chefs may understand the actual relationship/chemistry behind the butter and how it affects the cookie when warmed quickly in the microwave vs. room temperature. In any case, I've found the cookie spreads better and is more chewy when I use the microwave just enough to soften the butter. I also recently discovered pressing extra chocolate morsels in the top really does make them more appet-eye-zing! See what I did there? :)

Here is the results from when I melted the butter in the Microwave, a nice softer, chewier cookie:

Green Goodness

Each season has its own delicious bounty to offer. But I think summer is one I really favor a little more than the others. The diversity of vibrant color, shape, texture and flavor in all the fruits, vegetables and herbs God created leaves me in awe!

For so long I only ever used dried herbs from the spice aisle at the grocery store... but since working on my diet and health through I Quit Sugar I have discovered fresh herbs and the two do not compare in my opinion! I am so amazed at just how much robust flavor can be packed into the tiniest of leaves.

Dare To Surprise Yourself

(Photo credit MLive.com)

"But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
                                                                                                        -Matthew 5:44 

Lemon Lavender Blueberry Pancakes

I have a food addiction.... in fact, most people that know me could tell you that! 

Since starting my journey to cut down on sugar, I simply ASSuMEd it would mean getting my eating under control. It seemed natural to think that since I was such a picky eater and when I first started changing my diet to eat more naturally it was not a joy... in fact I kind of dreaded it actually. I would get so discouraged when I read other people on the same journey experiencing immediate results and loving the new foods, unable to return to their old habits.

One thing I did resolve to do at the onset was to try and be more open with my palate. I would step outside my box as much as possible for the sake of getting better, even if it meant completely questioning what I was about to put in my mouth (within reason, I have certain limits!)... Let me tell you, my arrival was not immediate and I am still not at the finish but I awoke within me an entirely different Beast! 


Hello there. I'm Aileen [pronounced I-lean] and this is my amateur attempt to enter the grand blogosphere. 

How did I get here? Well... I found I really needed a creative outlet, even if only for myself. (But if you are reading this, I am so glad you are here!)
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