Fear... The Elephant

With every opportunity it welcomes itself in... the unwanted guest. Fear. 

The Fire

When the fire comes- you can be a chaser... or a carrier...


Prodigal... let that marinate a minute.

What do you think of? Chances are the parable from Luke 15 comes to mind of the wayward son who left his father's house. But as I was praying this morning that perspective took a bit of shift. 

Sweet Banana Pancakes & Tangy Fruit Compote

The weather was beginning to warm up; we had just received a prediction for an early Spring which had me once again dreaming of the outdoors and the adventures I could almost taste. Then true to her nature, Michigan weather threw us a curve ball to remind us that we are still indeed in Winters slumber. I'd love to say it was a gentle gesture but alas it was more like a 14" proper burial in the most glorious and beautiful snow! 

Left Overs & Throw-Aways

My mind and soul have been entertaining a torrent of thoughts and questions lately. Although, in reality this incessant internal conversation, debate and sometimes argument is my lifetime reality. A gift of the over-thinker and analyzer. 

This week I read the question "If life was a glass, would you see the cup half-empty or half-full?"

Chili-y Nana Nice Cream

Sometimes, despite the fact that the current temperature is a frozen tundra, you just need ice cream! Or when you've found a better way... Nice cream!

Who Says You Can't Have Dessert For Breakfast?

Mexican Hot Chocolate Granola
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