A small landing strip of concrete received us into Iquitos. We deplaned and passed across the way, the hot sun beating down on my neck, towards a small structure which at the time didn't even feel quite like an airport to me. I think I was in such a daze that I missed two-thirds of the building though honestly!


I don't typically do well with having peace before leaving for any trip. I'm proud to be a light packer; but there's always the worry that I've forgotten something ... Typically it doesn't much matter, I usually visit family where I can borrow or run to the store and buy what I may need (although I usually cover myself pretty well!) 

But preparing for Peru in and of itself was a bit of a culture shock for me even before having stepped foot on its soil. Having had to have thought of things I've never had to before like vaccinations, Malaria pills, medication for the "rea" and "pation" (as Christina labelled it) you know ... just in case ... bug spray, TOILET PAPER! << I missed that one and many other items ... Thank God for Shawana who was on our team (whom I've proudly dubbed ShaMama - I was so proud of myself for coming up with that lovename for her, only to find out I hadn't been the first😞) The list of suggested items goes on and on.

I had to laugh at myself as I traveled to Peru with more luggage than I've ever traveled with in my LIFE! Three suitcases and a camera bag to be exact; yet I was packed into the smallest bag I'd ever traveled with. (My two largest suitcases were filled with donations and I crammed all my personal items into a small carry on ... and dispersed the wealth that needed to be in the "checked-in" luggage into every one else's bags! Thanks guys!!)

I was less than half awake on our drive down to "O-Harry" that Monday morning - but honestly, is 2 a.m. considered morning or night😂? Andy fell victim to my musings as I consoled myself that I'd be OK ... really the only essential thing was my passport. I could survive stanky in the jungle (though I was sure my team would prefer I didn't😂.)

After a long drive in the dark, I started to become more alive with anticipation as morning light broke. We finally arrived at Chicago's O-Hare airport where we printed our boarding passes, passed through security and waited (f-o-r-e-v-e-r) at our gate for the first leg of our trip, our flight into Orlando. (We had arrived extra early as we wanted to avoid the chaos of Chicago's rush hour traffic and make sure we had time to check in without being rushed.)


It was a Sunday morning when Pastor Rob introduced our Missions director, Christina, to the platform to announce an opportunity. I remember looking over at my adventurous friend Mary, who was with me that Sunday, and saying “I don’t know where it is but I want to go!” before our director even made it to the pulpit. (I don’t even recall if I knew at the time if it was a chance to go somewhere vs. giving towards something.)
Christina proceeded to present the church with the opportunity of joining alongside the Doutts, missionaries stationed in Nicaragua, in July during that summer of 2018 where we would assist in a building project, present a 3-day children’s ministry (like VBS) and then spend some time “treasure hunting” in the dumps for souls. I felt my heart screaming “YES!”
This time something was different though …
Kendra And Ken Doutt Missionaries To Nicaragua and part of the Engage Nicaragua project.

Making A Mark

It was a Tuesday afternoon at work, not unlike any other day, until I felt this tiny deposit inside me -


Guest Post By Mrs. Donna Morris

1 Samuel 30:1-8

David returned home from Ziklag, his family had been taken, all the women, all the children! Everything had been burnt to the ground! The loss was great! They wept until they could not weep anymore. 
Schloss Linderhoff Fountain in Garmisch Germany

FINALLY, David arose and sought the Lord. Should I go after them? Will I defeat them? The Lord says , YES, Go, You will RECOVER EVERYTHING! David obeyed! The Lord was faithful! They recovered everything and more!

I don't know if you've been in this place before?!?


A photograph and a mirror ... both provide a reflection of self. Yet somehow as of late, I feel like they portray two completely different views ... Just as the world and the Word of God/Holy Spirit can reveal two vastly contrasting depictions of ourselves.

Four-In-One; Mini Revelations

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