I remember sitting in college, for what seems now like oh so many years ago... But I recall my Art History professor saying "All you need is one good logo and you're made, think about the guy that designed the Pepsi logo..." Well at the time I thought "Wow!" But what I didn't realize quite in that moment was typically a logo that makes it that big, still has small beginnings like anything else... 

Fortunately, my heart was not on the dollar signs but it was the idea of marking something that really impressed and inspired me...

I know there are far more talented people out there, I can name a few off hand in fact that have more talent in their pinky than I do in my entire body, but I thank God whenever He does bless me with an idea. He get's the credit for anything remotely noteworthy that I do.

I have had the privilege of marking and molding two brands, the first being the third generation reveal of Uncle Bob's Smoky Mountain Premium All Purpose Sauce. (The product remains unchanged, but it REALLY needed a major face lift!)

The second is a lovely all natural (growing) line of homemade beauty product, Ruth's Heritage.

The prospect of growing not only my portfolio but my abilities is scary and exciting all at once. Scary, because if we are being honest, growing always comes with the pain of stretching and the vulnerability of putting yourself "out there". But exciting at the same time, because despite it all, it is amazing to look back and see the growth that has already happened, and I am far from done. I truly believe a fear of failure has kept me from tapping in to all that God can accomplish through a willingness.... when willingness wins out fear! So day by day, step by step, I'm letting go... and learning to let God.


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