Left Overs & Throw-Aways

My mind and soul have been entertaining a torrent of thoughts and questions lately. Although, in reality this incessant internal conversation, debate and sometimes argument is my lifetime reality. A gift of the over-thinker and analyzer. 

This week I read the question "If life was a glass, would you see the cup half-empty or half-full?"

I had to think... I don't know that I can answer that question so simply? From a broader perspective I can confidently say half-full! In reality- I want for nothing. I know that everything I have down to my very breath is a gift and blessing. And I think that is the answer that comes from the deepest part of me, my spirit, the part of me that keeps me grounded and at peace. But then there is the other parts of me, the soul and body, that sometimes rise up and rebel.

Those parts of me are usually the ones that tempt me to want more (out of myself mostly.) To desire. And that is not a bad thing- until it becomes a comparison, greed or indignity- a criticism to the Master Potter's craftsmanship... and measure. 

I believe God intricately formed us with all these marvelous working parts, not to live in torment, but as a system of checks and balances if you will. The spirit as I mentioned keeps me grounded; but to keep me from becoming completely complacent and stagnant when He has so much more there are these other parts, my flesh and soul, that keep me continually in motion, moving, seeking. And therein lies the key. A balance. The spirit has often manifested itself as that tiny inner voice of reason that has kept me from moving backward in bitterness over my "lack" or half-empty when soul and flesh seek more than this vessel should hold.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

The cup in the picture above was something I acquired from a garage sale a few years ago. Someone's left-over or throw-away... And yet, as someone who doesn't desire to drown in "stuff" I truly treasure it. There is so much detail that I can't even say I came to fully realize until this morning as I photographed it in the beauty of the morning sun. And I was in awe. In awe of the cup but also the revelations that were befalling me as it brought to mind that simple question... "Do you see yourself half-empty or half-full Aileen?" 

Lately I have struggled to focus. I see several different directions I desire to run off "happily-ever-after" in thinking if only I acquired that measure, I could live full. But the truth is there is just one place I need to put my focus so that all other avenues will fall into order along my journey as they should. Why tire myself running around the wilderness for 40 years when the journey could be so much more simple? Needless detours and distractions will fall away if I stay the course with the One who has already ordered it. 

I think that question should be reworded. If I stay focused on the above truth rather than the distractions I'll realize that my cup was full all along

You see the Master Potter doesn't mass manufacture as we are so used to. He is an artisan who intentionally crafts each vessel - not the same, not as a left over or as a throw away - but for a specific purpose; and to each He pours a fullness of measure within it. So I need to stop looking at the "shape" or "purpose" of other vessels for they will never give me the realization of what I was created to be and do. 

That one area of focus? Something I was told months ago... but I got distracted.  I'm considering this my spirit check... 

Press in to the Master Potter and His manual to discover all you were meant to be!  

*If anyone happens to read this post and it seems chaotic or unorganized I apologize. These realizations and thoughts were journalized raw and in my heart every point connected. I hope I was able to make some sense of them here as I put the thoughts in written word that they may connect for you as well. 


  1. I have always, even in your raw ramblings, found both insight and encouragement from what you say. You've managed to keep me also thinking deeper and stir the desire in me not to stay stagnant in every day life, but find in each day the simplicity of the heart of our Father and His will and the fullness of His Spirit. I would be a reader should you continue blogging. And as always, I love you in Christ my sister.

    1. Thank you so much Christy for your constant encouragement! Love to you always!


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