Sweet Banana Pancakes & Tangy Fruit Compote

The weather was beginning to warm up; we had just received a prediction for an early Spring which had me once again dreaming of the outdoors and the adventures I could almost taste. Then true to her nature, Michigan weather threw us a curve ball to remind us that we are still indeed in Winters slumber. I'd love to say it was a gentle gesture but alas it was more like a 14" proper burial in the most glorious and beautiful snow! 

But Spring has risen in my kitchen regardless of the reality the out of doors demands. From baking up Green Kitchen Stories delicious Turmeric Breakfast Muffins intimately enrobed with freshly picked and frozen supple, Traverse City blueberries to my first encounter with rich red rhubarb in their Rhubarb Upside Down Yogurt Cake, I feel like something awakes in me every time I get to create- be it in the kitchen or through my photography. 

Cooking with real food and an intention of stripping out over-processed ingredients insists that I am involved with the culinary experience. And though I am not so innovative in my own right, I am thankful for the pioneers that teach and inspire me to try and learn. 

This morning my home was filled with the lovely aroma of banana pancakes, from a recipe I slightly adapted (from flourless) because of fears from failed attempts in past. A lively red berry compote topping added the perfect contrast of flavors marrying the sweet with tangy. And so that I can remember this incredible creation for another time, I thought I'd share it here.

Banana Pancakes & Tangy Fruit Compote
    2 ripe bananas
3 eggs
1 tsp. baking powder
1 heaping Tbl. coconut flour
A splash of vanilla
A dash each of cinnamon and nutmeg
Coconut oil for pan


    A handful of (frozen) raspberries

    Mash the bananas until creamy and smooth. (Some lumps are ok.)
      Beat eggs in a separate bowl.
        Combine all of the pancake ingredients and blend until smooth. 
          Spoon the batter into a pan preheated with coconut oil or butter. (Make sure you use low to medium heat or your pancakes will not hold together before burning. High heat is likely what ruined my previous attempts.) 
            When the bottom is golden carefully flip over and cook the other side.

            *I recommend watching this video if you've never made this type of pancake before.

            While your pancakes are cooking, allow the fruit to reduce in a pan on low heat, mashing and stirring as necessary. Remove from heat and add a splash of the rhubarb syrup if desired. Set aside. 

            Serve pancakes topped with berry compote, a light drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of hemp hearts for added protein.

            And from the warmth of your home, breakfast in hand, may you enjoy the radiant and fleeting beauty of a fresh frost in the morning sun: 


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