Why Fruition?

There's been something I've been meaning to explain for a while ...

Fruition John 15:16

Why fruition ... why the dot? 

Sometimes at the moment we don't fully understand what is working together in our lives.

For instance, I remember the first time I came to hear of the term fruition; it strangely ignited a curiosity in me. It was during one of my design classes in college that we were tasked with the assignment of creating a piece from one word. A dear friend of mine, also divinely placed in my life I'm sure, chose this word. And, when I inquired, she explained its meaning to me. I marveled at her intellect.

Fruition never left me ... It compelled me.

Ivy Covered Wall In Germany

In 2008 my husband [pushed] and invested in me to try and freelance (because he sees what I still often struggle to see.) ... The venture needed a name.

FRUITION | the attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment. The STATE OF BEARING FRUIT.

What better name? As a graphic designer, you purpose to help others attain the realization of their ideas. And as a Christian, "the state of bearing fruit" meant to me rightness ... fruit is a sign of health and a sign of prosperity among many other things. The bullet after fruit was my way of setting it apart. 

But still, wanting to distinguish my faith and reliance on the Lord, I sought scripture for further identity and settled on a verse from John. I think at the time I still didn't completely comprehend the depth of this verse ... all I knew is I needed the Lord's favor.

JOHN 15:16 | You did not choose me, but I appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit - fruit that will last - so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

That was the birth of fruit•ion. 

It's been a long journey because honestly, 9 years later, I'm still being pushed along.  But my vision remains, even if I have to be pushed to take that first step in any project, that the Lord would bless me to help bring realization to others visions and that the fruit of my labors would remain for His glory. And I am thankful for those who have helped to plant me and prune me along the way. 

In the end fruit•ion can also be the realization of who we are meant to become ... a beautifully fruitful creation - appointed by Him!

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