Guest Post By Mrs. Donna Morris

1 Samuel 30:1-8

David returned home from Ziklag, his family had been taken, all the women, all the children! Everything had been burnt to the ground! The loss was great! They wept until they could not weep anymore. 
Schloss Linderhoff Fountain in Garmisch Germany

FINALLY, David arose and sought the Lord. Should I go after them? Will I defeat them? The Lord says , YES, Go, You will RECOVER EVERYTHING! David obeyed! The Lord was faithful! They recovered everything and more!

I don't know if you've been in this place before?!?
The place where the enemy comes and robs you blind. Your marriage suffers, children backslide, friends abandon you, etc....The place where you have suffered great loss! I have!!! I cried over the devastation until I couldn't function! I got so down! But ,WHEN I got up on my feet (YOU WILL ARISE), I sought the Lord like David! The Lord spoke the exact same thing to my heart (through Gen 14)... PURSUE THE ENEMY, YOU WILL RECOVER EVERYTHING, EVERYONE AND OTHERS!!!!!!! 

Lion from part of the monument in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England.Here's a word for you:
Put the enemy back where he belongs... Under your feet... Get back in your position... Seated with Christ, far above all circumstances! Don't wait for the enemy to come busting in the doors of your life! Pursue him, Overtake him!!! Cast him out and bolt the doors to your heart! Take hold of a positive confession! Just like the Shunamite woman laid her promise (dead son) on the bed of rest in the Prophets chambers and shut the door! You need to shut the door on all doubt and negativity! Receive and take hold of Gods promises over your situation! Stand, and therefore Stand! Wait for God to Resurrect  everything around you! God has overwhelming VICTORY waiting for you and your family! Rise up, get serious with God, seek his face, his word is powerful in your mouth!!! 


Donna Morris
Mrs. Donna Morris is an incredible and anointed woman of God.  I first had the pleasure to meet her when she graciously hosted me during the Louisiana Outpouring. Having her in my life has been a tremendous blessing; there are those people you meet that you just instantly connect with and feel as though you've known them your whole life. My love in Christ for this amazing Mama and her family runs deep. 
Mrs. Donna often speaks sharing the word of God in churches and online. She travels the world with the LAO team to pour the love of Christ into others and to help bring deliverance to those held captive in spiritual bondage. She is a true powerhouse and spiritual giant! 


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