I don't typically do well with having peace before leaving for any trip. I'm proud to be a light packer; but there's always the worry that I've forgotten something ... Typically it doesn't much matter, I usually visit family where I can borrow or run to the store and buy what I may need (although I usually cover myself pretty well!) 

But preparing for Peru in and of itself was a bit of a culture shock for me even before having stepped foot on its soil. Having had to have thought of things I've never had to before like vaccinations, Malaria pills, medication for the "rea" and "pation" (as Christina labelled it) you know ... just in case ... bug spray, TOILET PAPER! << I missed that one and many other items ... Thank God for Shawana who was on our team (whom I've proudly dubbed ShaMama - I was so proud of myself for coming up with that lovename for her, only to find out I hadn't been the first😞) The list of suggested items goes on and on.

I had to laugh at myself as I traveled to Peru with more luggage than I've ever traveled with in my LIFE! Three suitcases and a camera bag to be exact; yet I was packed into the smallest bag I'd ever traveled with. (My two largest suitcases were filled with donations and I crammed all my personal items into a small carry on ... and dispersed the wealth that needed to be in the "checked-in" luggage into every one else's bags! Thanks guys!!)

I was less than half awake on our drive down to "O-Harry" that Monday morning - but honestly, is 2 a.m. considered morning or night😂? Andy fell victim to my musings as I consoled myself that I'd be OK ... really the only essential thing was my passport. I could survive stanky in the jungle (though I was sure my team would prefer I didn't😂.)

After a long drive in the dark, I started to become more alive with anticipation as morning light broke. We finally arrived at Chicago's O-Hare airport where we printed our boarding passes, passed through security and waited (f-o-r-e-v-e-r) at our gate for the first leg of our trip, our flight into Orlando. (We had arrived extra early as we wanted to avoid the chaos of Chicago's rush hour traffic and make sure we had time to check in our two-dozen bags without being rushed.)

In Orlando we boarded the plane for the longer flight into Lima, Peru. We arrived in Lima pretty late in the evening but we were graciously greeted by our missionary Pastor Adam Fowler and our two translators, (little) Andrew* and Claudia. With another early flight out Tuesday morning, our team just stayed in the airport where we camped out on the floor like seasoned travelers.
^ That's only part of our luggage!

I was on little sleep and high alert in the airport as I stayed on guard to watch the luggage and team as they rested, since earlier when Renee and I were looking to catch up to the group I was a little taken aback by a man's attentiveness to our conversation in just passing by. (We hadn't noticed him but he made it clear he had noticed us, twice.) I like to believe the best in people. Perhaps he was just anxious to help us, but since I am admittedly naive and learning about the dangers of trafficking and had been cautioned by all my family to be "aware", I felt best to keep my guard up. We had also noticed a man who appeared to be scouting out for an opportunity to snag luggage.

Besides looking out for the team, staying up gave me the opportunity to try and learn a little Spanish from our translators, but I have discovered I am a much better parrot! Claudia and Andrew just immediately gelled with our team. (Even now as I write this I miss that we had to leave them there in Peru!)

We also were blessed to enjoy a travelling band for entertainment while we waited; depending upon whether you were trying to sleep or not. Right Taylor?! LOL.

Video courtesy of Andrew.
We finally checked in for our flight to Iquitos (where we would be spending the week to minister) and checked in all our extra luggage. With a lighter load and proper seats to rest in at the gate, I had finally hit my limit after having been up for more than 24 hours ... I pretty much passed out hunched over on my camera bag and awoke to a nudge from Andy that it was time to board our plane. (I am so glad they didn't leave me behind!😂)

After a bit of another nap, I awoke to Iquitos, Peru, where our adventure was only beginning!

*Little Andrew was used as a differentiator from our Andrew, however I see him like David was ... at only 12 years old, you'd never know it. He operates with such an infectious heart for people, I truly believe he will face giants in the name of the Lord as he grows into his identity.


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