Reflections On Peru | Claudia

The hours upon hours of journaling here, chronicling our days in Peru was therapeutic for me. It helped me to remember our incredible adventure in Peru and the lessons I gleaned along the way.

But I really hope to offer a perspective beyond my own, so I have asked our team to share from their experience.

Today's reflections are brought to you from one of our translators, Claudia!


"We were blessed with love of so many people!

I feel that on this mission trip, God brought to my mind 'stay in God’s purpose.' No matter what troubles you are facing; doubts, illness, etc., look at the things that are moving you away from God’s purpose and hold fast to Him. This is the time where God taught us 'The great plan' He has for our lives!

Every child, every adult we’ve met taught us that God is Good and Faithful with us. Jesus won at the cross!"

Claudia ... there was something deeply special about her from the very first moment we met in the airport - even in my sleep deprived, culturally unaware state ... She has such a purity, a gentleness, a warmth, such a LOVE about her.

I was a stranger in a foreign land, yet Claudia embraced me with an openness that made me feel at home, like I fit. Her warmth suggested we knew each other for some time even though we had only just met. She is radiantly beautiful with the love of Jesus in her heart. I am so honored that the Lord allowed me to go on this trip, but even more for the friendships that were created for His glory.
📷 Pastor Adam Fowler


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