Be Still

Unlike my other posts where I tend to overflow with words, details and backstory, this post is "short and sweet" as they say. 

Today in church I felt the Lord lay this on my heart and I wanted to share because it spoke to me in a profound way as I find myself so easily distracted and disgusted by the world these days...

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but God is not a squeaky wheel. HE SPEAKS IN A STILL SMALL VOICE. He will not force His way into our lives, so in a time where distractions are screaming for our attention will we instead intentionally CHOOSE to press into HIM rather than becoming consumed with the temporary things of this world? To be still enough to draw near to Him, to tune in to His heart. To sense His leading, His love, His call? He wants to position and move His people for the work He has, but we must be willing to listen to His directing. Can we instead chose to be still, and know that He is God? 


Focus on what matters.


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