Hello there. I'm Aileen [pronounced I-lean] and this is my amateur attempt to enter the grand blogosphere. 

How did I get here? Well... I found I really needed a creative outlet, even if only for myself. (But if you are reading this, I am so glad you are here!)

I am not much of a writer (sadly, I am sure you'll find all sorts of grammatical errors), but I love photography and design and most recently have become completely enthralled with food blogs as I continue on my own journey to health and wellness both spiritually and physically. I've learned to merge my loves, playing with food styling and photography a bit more, and just wanted a canvas to record my journey.

Self reflection has shown me I have not always been so kind to myself. Perfectionism and a fear of failure have encouraged me to shy away from many opportunities for much of my life, causing me to live small. But I've been encouraged by so many in the online community to step out from this smallness and at the very least try. As a young lady once shared with me, it isn't your failures that define you, but how you handle them. 

So this is me, stepping out, letting go and letting God! Vulnerable. Nervous. Excited. 


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