Green Goodness

Each season has its own delicious bounty to offer. But I think summer is one I really favor a little more than the others. The diversity of vibrant color, shape, texture and flavor in all the fruits, vegetables and herbs God created leaves me in awe!

For so long I only ever used dried herbs from the spice aisle at the grocery store... but since working on my diet and health through I Quit Sugar I have discovered fresh herbs and the two do not compare in my opinion! I am so amazed at just how much robust flavor can be packed into the tiniest of leaves.

I do not have a green thumb, so I typically still buy my herbs. But over the course of the last two days I was blessed by the sweetest people with the bounty of their gardens. 

All these beautiful fresh herbs definitely helped me to become motivated to get back on track from the path I've wandered away from. One benefit of real food needing to be used sooner means your options are kind of set before you if you don't want to be wasteful. All the produce my refrigerator is holding inspired me to make IQS8WP Zucchini Fritters for dinner with a small side of Parmesan mashed potatoes dressed in basil-pesto and an herb salad. 

Parmesan, basil-pesto mashed potato not pictured but my wonky toes are :)

This vibrant green salad is made from Artisan lettuce with fresh parsley, dill and cilantro and topped with onions and edamame (or as I learned to call them from a lady at work, "Hormonees" - imagine that in the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" accent.) I found a lovely salad dressing from Newman's Own, Olive Oil and Vinegar. I love how it's tangy taste highlights the diversity of flavors in my salad. 

And because I just loved how beautifully my meal photographed, here's a little more food-porn :)

You know you want some!

If you are looking for more ideas, you may find this post on "10 Nifty Ways To Use Up Your Fresh Herbs" from I Quit Sugar helpful.


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